TES-D Sport Diplomacy Pilot Project ends in Zagreb

On 8-9 September, the TES-D Sport Diplomacy Pilot Project was completed successfully in Zagreb, the last program component of the project.

TES-D Sport Diplomacy Pilot Project ends in Zagreb

Following the 6 May Sport Diplomacy Forum and Workshop held on the campus of the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS), numerous second career athletes, diplomats and other sport and educational experts gave interviews, answered questionnaires, and worked over the summer on identifying the skill set required for a successful sport diplomat. The Zagreb event aimed at summarizing the outcomes and providing observation ground for a group of selected participants.

The Croatian venue of the Liszt Institute in Zagreb, lead by Director Anna Mladenovics, and the Hungarian Embassy of Zagreb have both given a great added value to the project, and provided a wonderful meeting ground for all. The in person meeting with globally acclaimed handball and basketball experts was valuable for their expertise in the transition from professional sports to international grounds. The presentations held by Gergely Murányi, International director of Teqball, Tamás Marczinka, academic director of Puskás Academy and Peter Papp, HUSS international project manager all addressed various aspects of international relations via sports. We could observe the wonderful example of the global mission of Teqball in grassroots sport diplomacy, too.
The participants had been invited not only to presentations and a roundtable discussion, but also to an academic event of signing a Letter of intent between HUSS and Zagreb University Sports Faculty, represented by Dean Mario Baic and for another diplomatic situation exposure, Ambassador Demcsák had kindly invited the group to visit the residency and have a tea while he introduced the Hungarian Croatian relations and the historical context of diplomacy there.

The group members represented various walks of life, from the Sports Diplomacy Department of the Hungarian Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs to sport media, sport medical research, recreation studies, and human kinesiology. Their exposure to expanding their individual professional scopes to international spheres has proved invaluable for each of them.

This particular pilot project is now closing its activities, however, a continuation is to follow soon.

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