International Partners

The TE international community consists of educators, researchers, students and alumni from all over the world. Our international activities comprise of

  • student, faculty and staff exchange
  • cross-border research projects
  • international conferences and symposia
  • bilateral agreements in Erasmus and beyond
  • short-term English language trainings
  • highly qualified and experienced TE lecturers and researchers travel abroad to teach and work on collaborative academic projects
  • complex internationalization of the University, aiming at modern mobility services

The International Relations Center (IRC) facilitates all the mobility activities, institutional partnerships, projects and training programs of the students, faculty and international alumni of the TE community. The IRC serves the internationalization of TE, all the related processes. It provides mobility services for incoming international and Hungarian students and faculty, and promotes and represents TE in the international arena, support English language educational program development and help research-based international collaborations as well. International short term trainings, like ICC, are also run under IRC supervision. IRC serves the institutional internationalization strategy of the University of Physical Education and its staff work for the high quality education, research and foreign learning/working experience opportunities of TE students, educators and researchers. As for international relations and mobility beyond the traditional Erasmus program, the global network of TE is expanding in its numbers.

The quality of partnerships that provide the framework for our international academic activities is also improving. In Asia and in North America, TE has also expanded the number of institutional partners with HEIs providing quality education and research. Both our students and those of our strategic partners can study overseas, participating in the International Credit Mobility plan. Our aim is to offer a much larger choice for our students to be able to study abroad, thus exploiting all the academic and intercultural opportunities that such an adventure can offer. Besides, our faculty also serve foreign partners under IMC and invite American, Canadian and Taiwanese educators, researchers and staff members to visit Budapest and work at TE.

Both TE faculty and students can all apply for numerous mobility grants that facilitate their trips to various partner institutions, and we also welcome applicants from those institutions who wish to come and join TE for educational and sports programs. As for bilateral agreements, TE has got great partners in quite a number of countries all over the world, either in research or training focused collaboration schemes. However, currently we are working predominantly on quality strategic partnerships, where due attention is paid to our partners and the services entailed. We wish to expand our IMC network and also to facilitate new schemes of mobility, research collaboration, knowledge transfer and exchange of good practices as well. We believe in the power of strategic institutional partnerships. Furthermore, we take pride in our alumni and the knowhow our faculty stands for and shares in Hungary and abroad.

We also take pride in the large family of our international students and alumni coming from every country in the world. Our international students like to participate in cultural and sport events of the University, they also join the TE community at the events when we celebrate our national holidays. The international students can represent TE at various national championships, while they also take pride in their home culture and have opportunities to share that with fellow students in Budapest.

International Partners List


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