Developing Austrian Institutional Relations

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Frasz, Head of the Vocational School and School Development Institute, Mag. Gerhard Ziniel, Academic Instructor and Alexandra Baier, Coordinator of the International Department has visited the University of Physical Education (UPE) in Budapest.

Developing Austrian Institutional Relations

The delegation from the College of Education Burgenland was hosted firstly by Dr. Ferenc Genzwein, Chancellor of UPE. The success of the meeting was supported by Othmar Michl, President of the UPE Economic Advisory Board, and Prof. Dr. Pál Hamar, Vice-Rector of Educational Affairs and Head of the Professional Committee responsible for the cooperation between the two institutions.

During the talks prepared by Andrea Rédli, International Coordinator, the parties have agreed to finalize the Letter of Intent signed in September, 2017. The final aim is to formulate a joint training program. In the first phase of the process, faculty exchange and student mobility programs from both sides, which are to be launched soon by partner institutions. The UPE International Student Conference in April, the 2nd Sports and Innovation International Conference in May and the International Partner Meeting Day on 8th of May will all provide new opportunities for further discussion.

According to our common vision, the student exchange programs involved in the second phase of the collaboration would create a complex sports-specific program with pedagogical focus and a practical opportunity at Diana Primary School and Grammar School, the Practical School of UPE. At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the Austrian have invited UPE staff to attend their Information Day in June, 2018, where the prospective pool of participants in the future joint training program could be foretold and students could obtain additional useful information, too.

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