Three-week UPE faculty program at the UNM (USA)

The first US 3-week faculty enrichment program at the University of New Mexico has been successfully completed in June, 2019 in Albuquerque, NM. Dr. Judit Kádár, Fulbright alumna of the UNM has shared with her colleagues at the Sports University of Budapest some opportunities that could enrich their professional and intercultural skills, while experiencing a wonderful intercultural environment and enjoying New Mexico. At the same time, she also wished to share new opportunities available for all members of the UNM community.

Three week UPE faculty program at the UNM Albuquerque New Mexico USA

Katalin Kovacs, Anna Farkas, Csaba Ökrös, Zoltan Boross, Balint Dolnego, Kata Tóth, Ferenc Torma, Kinga Nagy, Zoltan Tanczos and Sandor Béres were the group members, who had done a truly impressive job over these weeks, and the same applies to the UNM staff working for the group. The attendance of the classes, including the CELAC ESL classes, the HESS workshops as well as the optional ones with Dr John Barnes and Dr Todd Seidler, the training at the Pit organised by Bill Ferrara and his colleagues, the homework writing and similar duties have put the group members back into a student position, helping them in the long run to better understand international student needs, too. The organizers on both sides hope that colleagues and family will understand how much the group members have worked, learned and developed, and will appreciate the knowledge they have taken home.

Same applies to Andrea Rédli, who had helped the outgoing faculty prior to their departure. She has had the opportunity via staff ICM (International Credit Mobility) to study administrative procedures, mobility and international alumni services at UNM.

All the instructors have provided the very best of their knowledge. Some worked in a period when normally UNM is on a vacation time. Some have made a major alteration in the prearranged course for better catering to the UPE group’s needs. And all of the instructors were enthusiastic and had an urge to share, knowledge, methods, approaches, professional and personal networks, too.

Our gratitude goes to the decision makers on both sides. As for UPE, Prof. h.c. Mocsai, President of UPE, Dr Genzwein, Chancellor, Dr Lacza, Vice rector for science and Dr Varga, Vice chancellor, had understood the relevance of further educating our great faculty and exposing them in an English native intercultural environment, and enabled the financing of the program. Special thanks to Dr Sterbenz, whose ongoing support for this program and its continuation has been based on the vision that he and Dr Kadar have stared about the complex internationalisation development of the UPE campus. A similar trust in the value of this partnership has characterised the months of effective communication that GEO, Dr Nicole Tami, Danielle Gilliam, Gail Masutani and Dr. Paul Edmunds, head of CELAC have devoted. Nowadays international student mobility and its promotion seems a top priority of decision makers, however, those who build a university, faculty and staff mobility and enrichment should be also of great importance.

We have enjoyed the support of some externals, such as Dr. Tamas Novak, Attache for science and technology at the NYC General Consulate of Hungary, Dr Robin Wellington of Queens University, the NM Fulbright chapter and the Abq Hungarian Club as well.

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