Visitor from Argentina

Piroska Csuri, a lecturer at the National University of February 3 in Buenos Aires (UNTREF), recently visited the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS).

The guest was first welcomed by HUSS Rector Professor Tamás Sterbenz at the Rector's Office, and then Piroska Csuri was met at Directorate for International Relations by Dr Judit Kádár, Head of the Directorate for International Relations, Dr Zsuzsanna Dúró, research fellow of the Centre for Intellectual Sports and Péter Szabó, lecturer of the Department of Sports Management.

Our Argentinian-Hungarian guest gave a brief presentation on UNTREF University and the Argentinian higher education system.

It was then discussed that the two institutions could cooperate in a number of areas in the future.

Dr Zsuzsanna Dúró and Piroska Csuri discussed the possibility of working in the field of chess education and training of chess players, while Péter Szabó presented issues related to sports management training and sports facilities management. The training of physical education teachers was also mentioned as a potential area of cooperation.

To support mobility between the two universities, the Directorate for International Relations has launched a call for applications under the Pannonia Scholarship Programme which will start in 2024. It is hoped that the awarded mobilities will see the beginning of a new cooperation between the two universities.


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