HUSS and world leading diagnostics lab Synlab sign contract

The Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) and the Europe’s and Hungary’s leading private diagnostics laboratory Synlab, which also supports the performance of Hungarian elite athletes, have signed a cooperation agreement.

The signing ceremony took place on Thursday 27, April in the Rome meeting room of the university at the beginning of the Senate meeting.

HUSS was represented by the Rector of the university, Professor Tamás Sterbenz and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the University of Physical Education, Professor Lajos Mocsai, while Synlab Ltd. was represented by Managing Director Richárd Lévai.

The strategic agreement will enable both parties to cooperate in research, education and training, as well as innovation and research and development. One of the important benefits of the agreement is that the university will be able to successfully use the knowhow accumulated at Synlab to train athletes and implement two ongoing sports science programmes with a molecular biology approach.

"We had been preparing this strategic agreement for long," admitted Tamás Sterbenz.”The first steps were taken by Lajos Mocsai, former Rector of the university, the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Our aim is to share knowledge with market leader Synlab, which will facilitate the renewal of sports diagnostics, innovation, training development and education. Synlab is a prominent partner of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the Hungarian Olympic team. This agreement is a clear demonstration of our ambition to focus on services, elite sports research and performance enhancement in the future."

Photo: Attila Nemes

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