International coaching course opens with welcome dinner

Participants of the international Coaching Course (ICC) 2023 Spring Semester launched at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) were given a very warm welcome and a three-course Hungarian dinner by the university representatives on Wednesday.

As reported earlier, the international Coaching Course (ICC) 2023 Spring Semester started at Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) on 3rd April. A total of 15 students from the 50 applicants were finally selected for the programme. The participants are provided with full financial funds from the Olympic Solidarity. 

International coaching course opens with welcome dinner

The university hosts 15 candidates from 15 different countries for the next 10 weeks. International students come from various countries such as Bahrain, Maldives, Argentina, Brazil, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Ugandha or Kenya among others.

The first stage of the programme series was a welcome dinner hosted by the wonderful staff of the International Relations Centre (NRC). Members of the university management as well as lecturers involved in the training were also present.

Among the students, we quickly recognised the three-time Olympian and two-time Pan American Games winner judoka Maria Portela from Brazil. Interestingly enough, Dr Endre Németh, Head of the Department of Combat Sports at HUSS, who has commented on the Brazilian athlete's performance on several occasions as an expert on Hungarian Sport Tv, will be sharing his knowledge with Maria on the podium.

It was András Szabó, staff member of the NRC, who greeted the students first at the event. A few minutes later he was quickly made to wear a traditional kazakh costume given as a present by the students.

Vice-Rector General Dr Csaba Ökrös delivered the first speech.

International coaching course opens with welcome dinner

“It is a great honour for me to say a few words at this ceremony. We are very happy that you are here because we have been waiting for you so long. I hope you will find everything what you are looking for here. Budapest is the centre of Hungary, and the university is in the middle of Budapest. Not only the location is so special about the university but also the knowledge and experience we have gathered. We want to share this knowledge with you.”  

Following Mr. Ökrös’s speech, Dr Judit Kádár, Head of the NRC addressed the visibly happy audience.

“In fact, my welcome, an informal one, has already been delivered two weeks ago when you landed here and when you had your ‘shocking’ day. I hope you are already over with that shock, and you are full of positive energy. On behalf of the Rector, the Board of Faculty, your wonderful professors, coaches and sport experts I wish you a very pleasant stay and also a valuable one. I am sure about the pleasant one because our staff at NRC have been working tremendously to make your stay as comfortable as possible. As for creating the value, this is entirely on you. I am sure your professors will be very supportive of your efforts not just as a group but also individually. Please use this wonderful opportunity to expand your network and to make sure you collect many sports experiences in Hungary.”

After the speeches, the foreign students presented their gifts to the hosts, followed by a three-course traditional Hungarian dinner.   

Photo by Gergely Vidor

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