Meter Matters - Project meeting at the University of Coimbra

Representatives of the Hungarian University of Sports Science took part in the second meeting of the European project titled METER MATTERS between January 31 and February 2 at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. The sub-title of the project is “Proposal of criteria and model for co-funding inclusion in sport”, which is also one of the main expected outcomes of the collaboration of 6 organisations.

Dr. Szilvia Perényi, associate professor of the Department of Sport Management and Dr. Judit Farkas, researcher in educational science and policy, staff member of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office, together with the project members, concluded the half-year work at the project meeting.

Metter Matters projektülés a Coimbrai Egyetemen 1

Within this framework, a review of the literature on the approach and definition of social inclusion in sports in European countries was carried out, and co-financing practices promoting inclusion were explored and collected. At the meeting in Coimbra, this upcoming study was finalized and the questions for the interviewees and focus groups were prepared, as previously defined in the research plan. Data collection and results processing will follow in the next six months.

The partners of the Meter Matters project include the Hungarian and Slovenian Special Olympic Associations, the University of Coimbra and the University of Ljubljana, as well as the Portuguese Autistic Association.

Metter Matters projektülés a Coimbrai Egyetemen 2

Metter Matters projektülés a Coimbrai Egyetemen

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