Freshmen of the University of Physical Education, welcome!

This week will see the beginning of the 2021/2022 academic year at the Hungarian University of Physical Education (UPE) that celebrates its 96th anniversary. Those starting their studies at UPE (TE, formerly called TF) can say they will be enrolled at the institution during exciting times of change.   

Freshmen of the University of Physical Education, welcome!

We would like to welcome the 735 students (a number never seen before) beginning their studies at UPE in the new academic year. We wish them every success in the institution and we hope that their times to be spent at UPE will be one of the most decisive and exciting period in their lives.

Last week Prof. Dr. h. c. Lajos Mocsai, the Rector of the university, who has been lecturing at the UPE for 43 years, and Dr. habil Tamás Strebenz, the Vice-Rector for General Affairs visited the freshers’ events at the university’s Water Sport and Recreational Centre at lake Velence. The rector, who is the most successful handball coach in Hungary, asked students to keep in mind that they belong to a community.

“It is not the individual but the community that is important, which is known by all team players. Nowadays it is especially true that the biggest enemy of the individual is his own ego. What really makes us strong is unity. That is why the university’s motto » Unite the mind, the moral and the power!« applies more than ever” – emphasized Lajos Mocsai to the students who gathered on the pitch covered with artificial grass in the Velence sport complex.

As we noted, a record number of 735 students will begin their studies in the next semester, 294 of which start their full-time training. The opening ceremony of the new academic year will take place on 6th September, 2021, but courses for part-time students have already been launched this week (‘K’ week). Senior students of the Recreation Department have gone to the summer water camp, which proves that life at the university is getting slowly underway. Students are already getting enrolled and choosing their courses, meaning that all freshmen can now consider themselves new citizens of the university.

This week will also be important for UPE in another aspect: the University Senate’s summit meeting to be held on 25th August will propose who to be nominated for the new rector of the board of trustees of public interest trust foundation performing a public task. As known, due to the model changes carried out at UPE, the current Rector Prof. Dr. h. c. Lajos Mocsai will resign form his position after 31st August 2021. Two people have applied for the position of the Rector of the UPE, namely Prof. Dr. Pál Hamar, the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs and Dr. habil Tamás Strebenz, the Vice-Rector for General Affairs.

This is the present, regarding the past, however, those interested can read about the past 96 years of the UPE here in greater detail.

We welcome our old and new students at the Hungarian University of Physical Education. We hope that the education will not be affected badly by the coronavirus as it has been recently, because it is exhilarating to study at one of the most beautiful university campus of Hungary.

We wish everyone successful studies, happy days and proactivity.

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