A successful international event

The International Days held for the third time, put emphasis on existing and new partnerships, as well as the exchange of information on opportunities for faculty mobility.

A successful international event

On the first day, two Rectors' delegations from Morocco and Albania were welcomed by the International Relations Center (IRC) of the University of Physical Education (UPE) and Dr. Tamás Sterbenz Vice-rector of General Affairs. Following some discussions, where the parties finalized the Letters of Intent, they signed them at the reception for international guests and diplomats. Professor Dr. Agron Cuka, Rector of the Sports University of Tirana, highlighted that his institution would like to learn about internationalization because UPE is a more experienced university in its international relations. Through student, faculty and athlete exchange programs (friendly matches), we wish to enhance the relationship between the two universities. Following the joint application of International Credit Mobility (ICM), we are awaiting the results, in May we get official notification from Tempus Public Foundation.

We are entering a promising cooperation with the Moroccan Institut Royal de Formation des Cadres de la Jeunesse et des Sports in the fields of sports management, recreation, coaching, sport pedagogy and human kinesiology. The head of the institution, M. Abderrazak El Akari, and his representative attended all the event and held focused meetings with several departments of the UPE (Recreation, Kinesiology, Pedagogy, Sports Management) in order to explore ways of implementation.

In addition to the mentioned international guests, Colombia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, England, Israel and Turkey have received attention through institutional, diplomatic and ministerial guests at the event. The Department of Sport Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the US and Colombian Embassies and the Institute of International Education (IIE) mobility organization were also represented on the UPE International Days and supported the internationalization ambitions of our institution.

As the closing program of the day, our guests took part in a Budapest sightseeing tour guided by Bianka Molnár International Coordinator (IRC) and Gábor Vécsey UPE Post-graduate trainee in sports diplomacy. The other trainee, Krisztina Lőrincz, helped the institutional representatives communicate at the meetings. On the second day, the challenges, good practices and the target system of student and faculty mobility have been highlighted in foreign language and intercultural education. Some special guests have contributed to the event, such as Márton Beke, Deputy Head of Unit for Higher Education at Tempus Public Foundation, Krisztina Kováts, Coordinator of the Fulbright Program, responsible for Hungarian scholarship holders, and Dr. Erzsébet Csereklye, instructor at the Institute of Intercultural Psychology and Pedagogy at ELTE. At the end of the day, the participants and the doctoral students of UPE were invited to a pizza lunch, where they had an opportunity to discuss mobility and international research and networking opprtunities. The high number participants shows the interest and the importance of internationalization of mobility related information. In addition to the junior and established faculty and PhD students, many departments of UPE and the Laboratory of Nutrition were also represented.

On behalf of the IRC, we express our gratitude the active participation of the numerous UPE faculty members present at UPE International Days, 2019.

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