Israeli Professor Visiting the University of Physical Education

Dr. Michael Bar-Eli, professor of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva and the Ribstein Center for Research and Sport Medicine Sciences, Wingate Institute has visited the University of Physical Education (UPE) recently.

Israeli Professor Visiting the University of Physical Education

He held lectures related to his book BOOST! How the Psychology of Sports can Enhance your Performance in Management and Work, that has been published in several languages. The psychology and sociology expert whose specialty is the decision-making that combines the science of sport management and sport psychology, is recognized not only in Israel but also internationally.

In the 1990s, he worked with Prof. Dr. László Nádori in the management of FEPSAC (European Sport Psychology Council). As a further Hungarian-related link, he taught at the same university in Israel for a few years as Ágnes Keleti, our Olympic champion gymnast.

For many years, he was a sports assistant for the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball players. He is currently using his expertise as a mentor for coaches.

During his visit, the International Relations Center received Professor Bar-Eli in addition to the colleagues at the Department of Pedagogy and Methodology, who introduced his innovative book, and he has been invited to attend the Sports and Innovation Conference in October 2019.

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