Fifa 20 and digital chess to take place at 2020 FISU World Forum

Attendees of the event can participate in exiting online sport activities at the 2020 FISU World Forum. Organisers plan to put Fifa 20 and a digital chess championship on stage at FISU’s first online Forum. 

Fifa 20 and digital chess competition to take place at 2020 FISU World Forum

There are a number of exciting topics to be discussed at the 2020 FISU World Forum to be held between 12th and 14th August. As previously reported, the event’s programme has been finalised and the list of lecturers will be soon complete. As registration is closing in, registration increases, and the organisers expect even 500 participants to register.

Adopting to the special context of the Forum as well as the needs of younger generations, the Organising Committee (OC) will stage some exciting online sport events. As known, the 2020 FISU eSports Challenge organised by FISU has been a great success. Staged between 17th June and 16th July, participants of the international Fifa 20 championship proved that there is an increasing need for eSports.

The 2020 FISU World Forum hosted by University of Physical Education (UPE), Budapest has a lot to offer for those who are fond of eSports. Those interested can compete against each other in Fifa 20 and online chess in the Games Room. The fascinating idea was proposed earlier by Dr. Ferenc Dénes, who is the leader of the Digital Sport Knowledge Center at the event’s technology provider Digital Success Programme.

Digital chess

The Swiss tournament will be hosted by the Sports Association of the Hungarian University of Physical Education (TFSE), and in line with plans, a total of eleven rounds will be held. Competition will start after the workshops have finished in the separated rooms for the chess section. Participants of the Forum will be able to follow all the games live.


This event is hosted by the Sports Association of the Debrecen University (DEAC). Particularly those who feel comfortable with Fifa 20 PlayStation, Fifa 20 Xbox and Hearthstone should not miss the competition. Friendly games in all the three games will kick off before the workshops and the championship matches start right after the workshops have finished at 16:00 (CET). The games are expected to finish at around 19:00 (CET).

The first day (12 August) will see the group stage while the second one (13 August) the knockout (elimination) stage. Finals will be held on the final day of the event (14 August). Each game will be staged in a separated room for the eSport section, and each three games will be streamed.

For information on how to sign up for the online competition, please follow the event’s website and its social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

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