International Sports Diplomacy Program: In-Person Education at Lake Velence

In January of this year, a unique initiative called International Sports Diplomacy Postgraduate Specialisation Program (SDP) was launched. It is a hybrid course where students spend two weeks of in-person education in Hungary in the first semester.

 At the beginning of April, the students arrived at the Venice campus to participate in the two-week in-person education, which concluded successfully, providing an opportunity for the participants to get to know each other, the instructors, and the TF atmosphere more closely. More than 15 participants from various parts of the world, including Morocco, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Montenegro, Croatia, and Greece, joined the program. This diversity not only enriches the program but also provides an opportunity for participants to learn and understand each other's cultures and perspectives through the language of sport.

The international Core Team, responsible for directing the program and designing the curriculum, also participated in the events by Lake Velence. Silvija Mitevska and Dr Marko Begovic joined the students to personally participate in the education, share their knowledge, and contribute to the success of the program. During the first week, participants had the opportunity to bond and build group dynamics at Lake Velence. Each instructor conducted classes on-site, facilitating a closer relationship between instructors and students. Additionally, as the goal of the SDP program is not only to impart theoretical knowledge but also to gain practical experience and build international relationships during the events in Venice, participants had the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, lectures and group work, helping them acquire the knowledge and skills necessary in the field of sports diplomacy.

International Sports Diplomacy Program Jelenléti oktatás Velencén 2

During the second week of in-person education, students studied at the Budapest campus, enriching their classes with visits to sports facilities, cheering at sports competitions as well as doing sightseeing. Students had the opportunity to cheer firsthand at the 2024 Hungarian Swimming Championships, tour the Duna Arena, and experience the operational aspects of sports facilities. Additionally, SDP students gained insight into the operation and background work of the City Park Ice Rink. During the two weeks spent in Hungary, students also visited the Hungarian Teqball Federation, gaining insight into this unique Hungarian sport.

Following the successful initiation of the International Sports Diplomacy Postgraduate Specialisation Program and the successful completion of the first semester, participants eagerly await the continuation and look forward to the further development of the program. The memories and experiences of the two weeks spent at the university will forever be part of the students' personal and professional development.

SDP students returned home with numerous professional experiences and acquired knowledge during their time in Hungary, which is unique in both theoretical and practical terms worldwide.

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