New Head of Department of Psychology and Sport Psychology promises a new era begins

Dr Viktória Resperger, the newly appointed Head of the Department of Psychology and Sport Psychology at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) has ambitious plans for the future.

Undoubtedly, a highly skilled and successful professional in the field of psychology and organisational development has been elected the new Head of the Department of Psychology and Sport Psychology at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS). She has acquired a complex and invaluable knowledge in the field of competence, skills and organisational development, work psychology, job descriptions, leadership and conflict management. 

 So far she has worked as a military psychologist, head of unit at Wekerle University and head of institute at METU University in Hungary.

One of her main goals is to make her colleagues’ voice heard when sport psychology is in focus, particularly this year when the Olympic Games is held in Paris, France.

’My colleagues should not only emphasize the importance of psychology to the public and to professional athletes, but they should also stress that HUSS is the place where the best representatives of the profession in the country are gathered, and they are the ones who have to express themselves on the most important sport issues in the media and on various platforms’, she says.

‘We are facing a process that will result in a new, well-functioning, larger department. I would like to see more assistant professors and associate professors work here, but my main goal is to attract young, talented colleagues who speak languages. We are trying to count upon our own human resources and to involve people who have graduated here in our PhD training,” says the new head of department. 

She also wants to strengthen the ties with the Hungarian Olympic Committee and foreign universities.

‘I do not fear challenges because I have great colleagues and leaders backing me up. We can do anything together. I can confidently say that after more than a decade and a half, a new era is to begin in the life of the department."


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