International sports diplomacy training in English launched at HUSS

Under the direction of Dr Judit Kádár, a new, international course was launched in January at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS).

As reported earlier, the Hungarian University of Sports Science has recently unveiled its brand new International Sports Diplomacy Postgraduate Specialization Program, marking a significant stride in the realm of global education. The program, which kicked off in January, has attracted a diverse cohort of participants from countries such as Namibia, Ghana, Bangladesh and the Philippines, Spain, Hungary, and many more.

Students will take their final exams before Christmas and graduate in February next year. It is worth noting that students benefit from individual mentoring, practice-oriented work placements abroad, a large and highly experienced international teaching staff and a complex, problem-solving examination.

"Students from several countries such as Africa Ghana, Cameroon, Namibia, Morocco, the Philippines, Croatia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Greece, Montenegro, Spain, Bangladesh, accompanied by four Hungarian participants, started the course”, said Dr Judit Kádár, International Director of the university, the supervisor of the newly launched course. “We are proud that we have more than 30 trainers including sports diplomats, ambassadors, sports practitioners and other experts from the United States to Australia, who are bringing their considerable professional experience to the course. The students of this course are mostly people with a background in sport and sports management, grassroots activities, sports organisational leaders, sports academics or even IOC members, from whom other students and even trainers can gain a lot of information within the framework of a diverse training."

Judit Kádár pointed out that during her previous visit to Brussels, in connection with the TES-D Sport Diplomacy project, a Macedonian sports diplomat raised the possibility of a Central European English-language training in sports diplomacy, with whom the professional team of the training (Dr Marko Begovic, Silvija Mitevska, Professor György Suha, Dr Judit Kádár) was formed. Dr Stewart Murray, a world-renowned sports diplomacy researcher, has reinforced this by saying that this training supports the Olympic movement, the scientific and professional strengthening of SD, and the efforts of the Hungarian national sports diplomacy.

"Our working group consisting of your dreamed up the idea of launching this training," Judit Kádár continued. "The Hungarian University of Sports Science provides the space to meet this market demand, and we already have experience in this area with Hungarian-language training. Through a long preparatory work, we tried to achieve a very strong practical training, and I am proud to say that our plan has come true, and the first pilot year of the training has started with a great team."

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