Strengthening relations and collaboration between HUSS and Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia

Representatives from the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) have visited the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Comenius University, Bratislava (CU) in neighbouring Slovakia. The primary goal was to foster collaboration and exchange ideas in the field of sports education and research.

International Partnership Coordinator Györgyi Koppa introduced HUSS’s present international programs and projects to Marcela Rychtarikova, Erasmus Coordinator, and Ludmilla Oreska, Vice-Dean for Science, Research, and International Cooperation from Comenius University. The meeting also involved discussions with Gábor Buzgó, a lecturer and researcher at Comenius University. Although immediate research collaboration was not possible due to ongoing projects, future cooperation with HUSS was on the horizon.

Professor Branislav Antala, an expert in sport pedagogy and curriculum design as well as sport management, expressed the possibility of future collaboration with HUSS. His extensive expertise positions him as a potential partner for HUSS in the future. Professor Antala has been invited to two events to be held at HUSS: International Days in 2024 and the EASM (European Association for Sports Management) Conference in 2025.

A rather fascinating portion of the trip was a visit at the “Active Ageing Centre” located on campus of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, the fruit of an EU funded cross-border project between an Austrian and Slovakian University. This center serves multiple purposes, including research on active aging, education for citizens over 50, and rehabilitation after injuries or surgery.

In summary, the visit between HUSS and Comenius University showcased the potential for robust collaboration in sports education and research, along with an exciting initiative aimed at promoting active aging and well-being among citizens over 50. These partnerships hold promise for advancing sports science and education on both sides.

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