One-week international course on biomechanics starts at HUSS

A major event entitled „The basics of musculoskeletal modelling and simulation using OpenSim” started on Monday and will run until Friday at the Hungarian University of Sports Science with the support of Erasmus.

Under the programme, students and teachers can enjoy 90 minutes of instruction twice a day in the Paris room, and the possibility to join the lessons online is both good news and a great opportunity. What's more, students will be given exercises to complete at a later date, also online.

The opening ceremony of the programme took place on Monday at the Hungarian University of Sports Science, hosted by the Head of the Directorate of International Relations, Dr Judit Kádár.

The number of registrations is already over fifty, and the importance and popularity of the programme is reflected by the fact that participants from Finland, Norway, Qatar, China, Portugal, Cyprus, England and other countries, as well as students from HUSS and the Budapest University of Economics and Technology, have registered for the event.

The course will be taught by two researchers: Professor Hans Kainz and postdoctoral researcher Basilio Goncalves from the University of Vienna.

Professor Tibor Hortobágyi, Dr Annamária Péter and Dr András Hegyi from the Department of Kinesiology are members of the technical committee, while the organisation and coordination of the event is supported by Dr Judit Kádár, Gabriella Sztojalovszky and Krisztina Cseh, who have played a major role in the coordination and coordination of the project.

The five-day course is also available online, with a different link each day, but to be able to follow the event, you need to register first. At the end of the course, the organisers will also host an online session.

The English languauge programme of the event can be found here.

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