French sports diplomat visits the volunteer programme

During the recently concluded World Athletics Championships, Samuel Ducroquet, Ambassador for Sport of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited to the "home" of the volunteers.

Mr. Ducroquet was accompanied by two former students of the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS), Domonkos Deutsch, who works as an Olympic Attaché at the Hungarian Embassy in Paris, and Krisztián Baranyai, a member of the Sports Diplomacy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

During the meeting, the French ambassador showed interest in the operations of the the World Athletics Championships’ volunteer programme. During the pleasant conversation, Dr Szilvia Perényi, director of the volunteer programme and her colleagues explained the structure, operation and recruitment system of the programme to the prominent guests. The informal exchange of views allowed the staff of the volunteer programme office to share their personal experiences with the sports ambassador, the tasks they had been performing and the challenges they had encountered in the past months.

During his visit, Samuel Ducroquet spoke to French volunteers and former Hungary Men’s Football Team member Kálmán Kovács, who also graduated at HUSS. He also visited the large community space known as the volunteer’s hub. He expressed his appreciation for the great space for relaxation, friendship and community building that the programme has created for the World Athletics Championships’ volunteers.

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