Successful Blended Intensive Program in HUSS

A successful on-site week marks the launch of the university's first Blended Intensive Program (BIP) organized by the International Relations Center. A group of 15 international students recently participated in the on-site week of our BIP, which started in May with the online classes. This program aimed at enhancing their language skills through a combination of classes and social programs.

Successful Blended Intensive Program in HUSS 5

The diverse group consisted of 10 Italian students and 5 Cypriot students, fostering cultural exchange and broadening horizons.

During the on-site week, the students participated in a range of activities carefully designed to develop their language skills, including interactive presentations, workshops, and collaborative studio practice. The program fostered an environment where students could engage in meaningful conversations, practice their language proficiency, and develop their confidence in real-life settings. The success of the program is best described with the words of students:

“I want to thank the Hungarian University of Sports Science for the magnificent reception that has reserved us, for the kindness, skill and availability of the staff and every professor but especially for the fantastic friendships born.” (S.G., Foro Italico)

“It was an amazing experience and you made it even better!” (L.L., Frederick University)

“It has been a wonderful chapter of our life and we hope we can see you again as soon as possible. Really thank you for all you did for us, you made us feel at home every day.” (F.M., Foro Italico)

Successful Blended Intensive Program in HUSS 4

The on-site week served as an excellent platform for fostering partnerships between our institution and the international counterparts Università degli Studi di Roma "Foro Italico" and Frederick University, paving the way for potential collaborations in the future.

“We are very grateful for being part of this program. I received very good feedback from our students and my colleague George for the program and your overall organization. We are looking forward for closer cooperation in the near future.” (V.M., Institutional ERASMUS+ Coordinator, Frederick University)

Fueled by the success of our first BIP, we are going to organize three more Blended Intensive Programs throughout the year. These additional programs will continue to facilitate cultural exchange and provide both our university’s and foreign students with invaluable opportunities. The following BIPs are going to focus the topic of Sport Psychology, Sustainability in Sport Infrastructure Management and Musculoskeletal modelling – OpenSim. We are actively seeking collaborations with international partners to create reciprocal travel opportunities for our students and staff. Through these initiatives, we aim to empower them with the global competencies required to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world.

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