US Marines hold tough workout at HUSS

On Wednesday 22 February, members of the US Marines visited the Hungarian University of Sports Science to give students, teachers and staff a good workout in the university assembly hall. The event was organised by the university’s Sports Exam’s Office.

Amerikai tengerészgyalogosok izzasztották meg a TF hallgatóit 1

Participants witnessed a moment of sports history at the Hungarian University of Sport Sciences on Thursday afternoon. It was the first time that the Marines visited a Hungarian higher education institution to conduct tactical military exercises used in the US Army for students and teachers.

The event began with a brief introduction of the six-member "squad", during which they explained what sports they have tried so far, how they started playing sports, why they started bodybuilding and the benefits of regular exercise. Then everyone was encouraged to take part in sport, and the final word was given by the commander of the soldiers: "We are here to spend a pleasant afternoon with you."

Amerikai tengerészgyalogosok izzasztották meg a TF hallgatóit 3

The rest of the afternoon was everything but pleasant as far as the physical part was concerned. After a short warm-up, the participants were divided into two larger teams, followed by a playful competition. Contesters had to perform tactical military exercises used in US Marine training: push-ups, squats, press-ups, kipping and "house building".

The event ended with a plank competition, which was about who could stay in the plank position the longest. The race for the top male and female athlete title was tight, the audience was cheering loud, and participants were suffering to win. The soldiers present made sure that the competitors' bellies did not touch the mattress.

Amerikai tengerészgyalogosok izzasztották meg a TF hallgatóit

The women's competition was won by Boglárka Balogh, an employee of our university and administrator of the campus administration, who held the position for almost six minutes, while the men's race was won by Andorás Horváth, who was the best male student with 6 minutes 57 seconds.

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