Registration for the European Association for Sociology of Sport conference is open

Registration has begun for the European Association for Sociology of Sport (EASS) conference (EASS2023) to be held at the Hungarian University of Sports Science between 30 May and 2 June 2023.

Elindult a regisztráció az Európai Sportszociológiai Társaság konferenciájára

The Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) is now accepting applications from members of the European and global social science community for EASS2023 Budapest, the European Conference on the Sociology of Sport, which will primarily focus on theme ‘Transforming Sport – Transforming European Societies’.

As known, one of the founding members of EASS is Prof Gyöngyi Szabó Földesi, Professor Emerita at the Department of Social Sciences of HUSS, while Dr Szilvia Perényi, associate professor at the Department of Sport Management represents HUSS in the board of the organisation. The bid for hosting the conference was won by HUSS several years ago, however, due to delays caused by the pandemic, it will finally take place in spring next year. 

Patrons of the event include Professor Tamás Sterbenz, HUSS Rector and Professor Gábor Géczi, Director of the Institute of Economics and Social Sciences, Head of the Department of Sport Management. They both stressed that the conference is an excellent opportunity to raise the international profile of HUSS.

‘We welcome Europe's social science researchers and PhD students to EASS2023 Budapest. As the event will take place in Hungary, it is a particularly great opportunity for researchers from Hungary and neighbouring countries to present themselves’ said Dr Szilvia Perényi, member of the EASS Extended Board.

Dr Tamás Dóczi, member of the International Sociology of Sport Association’s (ISSA) Advisory Board stressed that global players in the field of sport sociology are also welcome.  

‘Last year's joint ISSA-EASS conference proved that ISSA and EASS can work well together. They support each other's work and promote their events among their members.’

The conference website can be accessed by clicking on this link, and further information including how to submit abstracts, posters and presentations and how to pay the participation fee can be found here.

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