HUSS representatives at the National Forum for International Coordinators

After a two-year break, the National Forum for International Coordinators of the Tempus Public Foundation was hosted by the University of Pécs between June 29- July 1, 2022

HUSS representatives at the National Forum for International Coordinators

fotó: Pécsi Tudományegyetem / Csortos Szabolcs

The purpose of the three-day professional event was for the coordinators of the higher education institutions to get to know each other personally and share their professional experiences, as well as the good practices of their institutions in connection with the Erasmus+ Programs. At the event, the Hungarian University of Sports Sciences (HUSS) was represented by two international coordinators: Györgyi Koppa and Alexandra D'Ess Sabina.

During the conference the audience receives professional training in the following topics: the Erasmus+ coordinator tasks, institutional management, the current affairs of the CEEPUS Program, intra-European (KA131) and extra-European (KA107) mobilities, opportunities to facilitate the credit transfer and creation of a mobility window, institutional communication of international programs. Furthermore, participants had the possibilities to exchange good practices of their home institution regarding the topics mentioned above. The hosts dazzled the participants with cultural programs and a gala evening with an award ceremony.

The HUSS representatives believe that, the event and the experiences gained can greatly help the internationalization process of HUSS.

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