Conference on competitive sport and ethics held at HUSS

The relationship between competitive sport and ethics in the 21st century was the focus of an international conference held on Friday 17 June in the Athens Hall of the Hungarian University of Sports Sciences (HUSS). The half-day symposium was a joint event of HUSS, the Hungarian Coaches' Association and the International Fair Play Committee.

A Versenysportról és az etikáról tartottak konferenciát a TF en

Almost fifty guests from Hungary and other countries gathered for the opening of the event that started at 10 am. It was HUSS Rector Dr Tamás Sterbenz that delivered a speech first. He was followed by two-time Olympic silver medallist fencer and President of the International Fair Play Committee, Dr Jenő Kamuti, who welcomed the audience with anecdotes.

A Versenysportról és az etikáról tartottak konferenciát a TF en 2

Following his speech, Olympic silver medallist, world and European long-distance swimming champion Kristóf Rasovszky took to the podium to receive the Hungarian Olympic Committee's (MOB) Fair Play Award.

A Versenysportról és az etikáról tartottak konferenciát a TF en 3

The quality of the presentations was enhanced by four HUS speakers, namely Dr Botond Csuka, who presented the paper ‘Where do we start’, Dr Dóczi Tamás, who lectured on ‘The characteristics of globalised competitive sport in the 21st century’, Dr Andrea Gál, Head of the Department of Social Sciences, who gave a lecture on ‘New (or old?) ethical issues in women's sport’ and Dr Zsuzsa Kalmár, Associate Professor, who delivered a presentation on ‘How much do competition rules help or hinder the spirit of fair play in globalised competitive sport?’.

The only foreign guest speaker at the conference was Katalin Loksáné Rácz, President of the Fair Play Club of the Slovak Olympic Committee, who gave a presentation entitled ‘Positive examples, negative phenomena in sport’.

The conference was closed by Zoltán Molnár, President of the Hungarian Coaches’ Association.

Photo: Tamás Róth

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