General Information

The organizers of the International Coaching Course would like to make your stay in Hungary as comfortable as possible. For your own benefit, please read the following information carefully!

Identification and the University Campus

We will arrange for the participants a registration card of the University. This card will allow you to use all facilities of the University and will be your identification card on-campus only. (The uni-card does not replace an official I.D. card, for that you will have to take your passport with you.)

Accommodation regulations

  • The official heating period in Hungary is between October 15 and April 15.
  • Cleaning of the apartments is to be done by the participants.
  • Lights, gas, water and all electrical equipment are to be turned off, windows should be closed, doors should be locked upon leaving the apartment. (When you pay attention to closing, locking, etc, generally, to an economic life-style, this “extra debit” will not affect you.)
  • Silence must be obeyed after 10 PM.
  • For your own safety, please do not invite others to your apartments than your course mates.
  • Washing machine is also provided. When you do not know how to operate it, please ask the staff to contact the landlord in order to learn its functioning.
  • There might be regular check-up of your accommodation in every month.
  • At the end of the course the accommodation place are to be returned in the same condition as they were occupied. All damages are to be paid by the participants! A deposit of 50 USD will be deducted for the final cleaning of the accommodation and 50 USD will be returned at the end of the course if no incidental expenses occur.
  • It is not allowed to organize events (parties, celebrations, etc.) in your accommodation. Upon request the organizers can help you with finding a venue for the party.
  • Pets are not allowed to bring/keep in the accomodation at any time.
  • Take care of your valuables, do not leave them around the flat. (We offer you the Institute’s safe.)
  • If you have any problem in the accommodation, please do not try to fix it by yourself but inform the course staff, and the problem will be solved as soon as possible. Please do not touch the main gas-tap!
  • Only the participants officially living in the accommodation may stay for the overnight.

There is no telephone in the accommodation. It is forbidden to install any phone apparatus into the accommodation. If any phone bill arrives during your stay, it must be paid by you. If you want to arrange any phone calls it is possible from any phone boot by phone card or from any post office. It is not possible to phone or fax from the office. For further advice we suggest you to buy a prepaid telephone card (e.g. Neophone, Blabla, EZ-Phone), which is an economical way of calling home OR buy a used mobile and a SIM card to it. Ask for more advice from the staff!

Opportunity for cooking, eating, socializing, watching TV are provided in the accommodation.

The Way to Call Abroad

00 – country code – area code – phone number

Country codes:

  • Albania: 355
  • Antigua & Barbuda: 1-268
  • Argentina: 54
  • Aruba: 297
  • Bangladesh: 880
  • Barbados: 1-246
  • Bhutan: 975
  • Brasil: 55
  • Brunei: 673
  • Dominica: 1-767
  • Ecuador: 593
  • Egypt: 20
  • Ethiopia: 251
  • Gambia: 220
  • Ghana: 233
  • Guyana: 592
  • India: 91
  • Indonesia: 62
  • Iran: 98
  • Jordan: 962
  • Kenya: 254
  • Korea DPR: 850
  • Liberia: 231
  • Macedonia: 389
  • Malaysia: 60
  • Maldives: 960
  • Malawi: 265
  • Mauritius: 230
  • Nigeria: 234
  • Oman: 968
  • Pakistan: 92
  • Philippines: 63
  • Portugal: 351
  • Qatar: 974
  • Seychelles: 248
  • Sierra Leone: 232
  • Singapore: 65
  • Somalia: 252
  • South Africa: 27
  • Sri Lanka: 94
  • St. Kitts: 1-869
  • St. Lucia: 1-758
  • Sudan: 249
  • Swaziland: 268
  • Syria: 963
  • Taiwan: 886
  • Tanzania: 255
  • Tajikistan: 992
  • UAE: 971
  • Uganda: 256
  • UK: 44
  • USA: 1
  • Zambia: 26

Meals and Pocket Money

Pocket money will be given for arranging your meals and/or buying food. There will be organized meals that will be announced. The International Olympic Committee Olympic Solidarity will provide only for its scholars pocket money in the value of USD 1.100 (as per 2010). The amount will be given for the scholars upon the bank transfer from Lausanne, Switzerland.

Mail, Phone and Fax

During your stay, you are welcome to send two faxes free wherever you wish. Please, contact the staff. Other faxes must be sent from post offices. If you are expecting a call, your friends can call one of the boots in your neighbourhood. All boots can be called back. The number is written on the boot. From abroad, Hungary can be called as follows: international exit code + 36 (for Hungary) + 1 (for Budapest) + 7 digit local number.

Receiving letters from your family and friends should be mailed to the address of the University

University of Physical Education
International Directorate
<Your name>
Alkotás u. 44.
H-1123 Budapest, Hungary

You will receive your mail from our administration. The prices of the post stamps abroad: postcard 250-300 HUF, letter 300-350 HUF.

Hungarian Currency

The name of the currency in Hungary is forint (abbreviation Ft, international: HUF). You can change your currency at many places in the city, in banks, hotels, travel agencies, specialized change offices and change automates. Remember, that the banks ask for the lowest commission fee (banks are open between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.), thus you will get more forints for your currency. Ask the staff for any advise. Please, do not change your money on the street. There are persons in the city who cheat the foreigners, giving them fake money for their currency.

Visa and Immigration Information

After your arrival, the Hungarian law obliges you to register in the immigration office (regardless the duration of your visa). All necessary administration work will be arranged by the office.


If you would like to buy something of higher value, use an official shop. You will see many places, markets with cheap products. These products are of low quality with no guarantee. Always ask for an official receipt (in Hungarian: “készpénzfizetési számla” in Hungarian). Tax refund can only be requested when you buy products in value of 50.000 HUF at least on one invoice / shop.

Weather and Clothing

The weather conditions during the time of the course in Hungary are rather varying. All buildings in the campus have central heating; your apartments are also equipped with a heating system. It is important to wear warm clothes during the first few weeks, including: coat or warm jacket, socks, cap, gloves, scarf, sweaters or sweatshirts to avoid getting a cold or flu. The staff can assist you and lend you a warm jacket that must be returned when you finish the course.


During the course, you will be given a free transportation pass. This pass allows you to use all kinds of transportation within the borders of city Budapest: bus, tram, trolley-bus and underground (we call it Metro). Most bus-, tram- and metro lines operate until 11 p.m. except for certain key lines that run all night. You will have to show your pass to the conductor upon request.


  • Ambulance: 104
  • Police:107
  • Fire Department: 105
  • General emergency number: 112

Insurance and Medical Services

The participants are provided with medical insurance. This insurance pays the actual cost of most medical services. (However, special medicines and pharmacy products must be covered by the participant). This insurance covers only illnesses and injuries contracted in Hungary only for those who meet the medical/health requirements. You are charged for the treatment by dentist, ophthalmologist and for your long-term illness. For this medical insurance you will have to go through a short medical test (blood test).

If you have any medical problems please, contact the office staff. The insurance does not cover any loss or damage of your property.

Social Programs

There will be social programs, trips organized to the countryside and visits to the nicest places of Budapest and Hungary. Please, do not forget to register for the announced trips. The meeting point is usually at the upper parking area.

Video, CD, DVD copies

Usually, at the end of the course there will be some materials that you would like to copy for your own benefit either on VHS or DVD. To have a copy, please make sure you request at least 2-3 weeks before the end of the course. The duplication prices are the following:

  • Videocassette, PAL system 700 Ft/cassette
  • Videocassette, NTSC system 1.500 Ft/cassette
  • DVD copy: 1.000 Ft / each starting hour

(Besides this you will have to pay the expenses of the empty materials.)


At the beginning of the course the organizers will collect your flight ticket information. We will check for you your reservation and connections to make sure that you will safely return to your country. The staff will arrange your transportation to the airport and assist in your check-in.

Please, pay attention to the rules of the weight of your luggage. You can carry 20  kilograms of checked-in luggage plus some hand luggage. Above this, the airline charges you 30-50 USD (depending on the destination) after every extra kilogram. Be aware of the amount of books, handouts and gifts you will buy or receive in Hungary. You might have troubles with them on your way back. We do not keep or store any left luggage and cannot send it after you!

In case of any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a successful and fruitful stay in Hungary!


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