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The newly tailor-designed Fencing Intensive “International Coach” Program (epée, foil and sabre; all the 3 disciplines) by the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS, former TF) is designed to train and educate coaches from around the world. The program attempts to promote and develop excellence in coaching fencing. The program provides coaches with a systematic way to improve their knowledge, skills, and competencies in theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of coaching.

Its combined structure includes a 3-month education of theory subjects at HUSS and an on-site coaching clinique practical program. This development in the structure and the technical system makes it possible for the expected participants to get involved in traditional classroom teaching & learning setting on a full-time base.

Program Content

The Fencing Intensive International Coach Program content in detail is designed selected to meet the needs of coaches working with competitive athletes at national level as well as with podium level high performance athletes of elite sport on the international stage.

Theoretical Modules

The curriculum of the theoretical modules of Fencing Intensive International Coach Program deals with the art and science of coaching with relevant specifications to modern Fencing sport.

The content of the theory modules includes the following ‘core subjects’ in accordance with FIE initiatives and feedback from NFs worldwide:

  • Sport Physiology
  • Training Theory and Methodology
  • Sport Psychology
  • Biomechanics
  • Sport Pedagogy

Practical Modules

The Fencing Intensive International Coach Program includes classroom instruction, sport-specific presentations and practical activities also coaching information pertaining to competition events in Fencing sport, applying coaching principles, skills, drills, training methods, strategy and tactics, error detection analysis and correction from our internationally recognized instructors.

The modules furthermore involve actual coaching experience, practical lessons, and workshops, where participants have a chance to discuss experience with high-skilled instructors and former Olympians. The practical and technical parts of the Fencing Intensive International Coach Program also contain home assignments and independent study.

The content of the practical modules includes the following subjects:

  • Skills and motor development
  • Sport technique
  • Conditioning
  • Observation and competition analysis
  • Teaching and coaching skills


The Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) features the preservation of traditions and continuous adaptation at the same time, in line with the criteria of the given age. Although a lot has changed over the years, its traditions live on, filled with new spirit while opening the windows of the university to the world.

HUSS and its faculty, athletes and alumni are well-known globally for achievements in various areas of the sport profession, and our educators and trainers are respected all around the world. HUSS is the largest, the most comprehensive and the oldest centre for education and training in sport in Hungary with 98 years of history, originally established as the Royal College of Physical Education in 1925.

If one not only wishes to be a great physical education teacher, physiotherapist, coach, sport manager, recreation, human kinesiology or health science expert, but also wishes to pursue a scientific career, HUSS is an ideal choice. This is the only university in Hungary where a PhD degree in Sports Science can be obtained, and HUSS serves as a career incubation space as well as a life-long professional support for our students and alumni.

The coaches of a numerous Olympic, World and European Champions have completed their studies at the university or its predecessors. Amongst our Honorary Doctors, there are outstanding representatives from international sport diplomacy and Sports Science. The university is among those education centres where the International Olympic Committee, Olympic Solidarity cooperates in coach education program with. On a national level the university has a sports policy forming role in close cooperation with all stakeholders of sport and physical activity.

Language Requirements

The Fencing Intensive International Coach Program is taught and run exclusively in English. Participants are expected to demonstrate English language proficiency in both verbal and written skills, which is the applicant’s responsibility.

  • CEFR B2 level equivalent scores of internationally accepted language exams:
  • IELTS: 5.5-6.0
  • TOEFL: 72-94
  • Cambridge English Scale: 160-179

Teaching Staff & Examinations

The best Hungarian modern fencing experts, teaching at HUSS are invited to lecture at Fencing Intensive International Coach Program.

All participants are to meet the requirements of the Fencing Intensive International Coach Program. This will be examined by completing a comprehensive written examination of questions, a practical exam of demonstration of coaching skills as well as pre-determined exams by the HUSS instructors.

Graduates of the program receive "International Fencing Coach Certificate”, issued by HUSS with the support of FIE.

Participation Fencing Intensive International Coach Program

The program includes the following elements and services: 

  • Registration to the Coaching Program
  • Access to course material
  • Examinations and Coaching program records
  • Fencing Coaching Certificate – International Coach”
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